About Us

YapaCocu is a site that’s dedicated to finding the best of the best on the web and sharing it with all of those who have interest. We try not to focus on one area in particular, but rather bring a wide range of topics and varieties to our audience. We launched this site with the intention of both educating our audience and broadening their horizons, while also benefiting the creators of awesome content.

YapaCocu is the fruits of labor of four individuals. We all have a pledge to submit what we find to be YapaCocu worthy and to refrain from sharing anything that isn’t. We find that having four individual editors, or curators if you will, allows us an accountability that would otherwise be trivial and arbitrary if it was just one individual or even a pair. We also take pride in the fact that we each have different areas of expertise, knowledge, experience and passion. This eclectic mix of minds will make YapaCocu truly unique and hopefully provide value.

yapacocuYapaCocu itself is a philosophy we devised. We believe that one should always be learning. As a student of life, a closed mind becomes a relic of your past. You constantly seek to fill the gaps in your knowledge and push the boundaries of your passions. By pursuing this type of zest for life, you are constantly growing and enlightening yourself. This type of attitude is also contagious and can be spread to your friends and family.

Most people who are stuck in a rut in life feel like they don’t have control over their destiny. When one is constantly learning, growing and finding inspiration, they can regain control over their life and find new ways to stay in control. By constantly challenging yourself to accomplish more and grow, you are pushing the boundaries of what defines you. This is what we encourage everyone to do, and this is the philosophy of YapaCocu.

If you are interested in learning more about our philosophy and want to join us in our crusade for personal growth and knowledge, we would recommend you to get in touch with us. We always look forward to hearing from our readers and take great satisfaction in hearing how we’ve touched your lives. YapaCocu is a world wide network of like minded people, so please don’t feel like you’re limited by geography, from Siberia to Timbuktu, NYC to Sydney, we are all bound by our passions and our desire for learning and personal growth.

You may contact us by clicking here to go to the contact us page.